Thursday, July 03, 2008

Less Than Three?

More and more of our canoe club members are taking up sea kayaking to while away the summer when the rivers are dry. A couple of weeks ago a few of us enjoyed an 'afternoon at the races' and the swells and waves came close to tipping us over. It seemed sensible for us to devote a few evenings to practice 'rescues'. How difficult can it be to get back into your kayak should the unthinkable happen?

We tried a variety of assisted and self rescues from the 'leg over' and 'ladder' to the re-entry roll with various degrees of success.

Perhaps the overriding lesson learnt was – getting back into a sea kayak alone is more difficult than it looks. Either lots of practice or don’t paddle alone or don’t fall in!

I enjoy paddling alone - but, while my roll has always proved solid, I will make a point of practicing other techniques (eggs and baskets)

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