Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog Low Loop - irresponsible paddling?

Mid October - it hadn't rained for two weeks, the rivers were going to be low. But I had promised to take some scouts and club paddlers down an easy stretch of water. Diaries had been set weeks (if not months) in advance.

It is debatable, in my view, that paddling the Loop section of the river Dart in low conditions has any significant impact on the environment. However, the current concensus seems to be - only paddle when the rivers are full.

For those of us that are unfortunate enough to lead busy lives hundreds of miles away from white water, the options for 'organised' trips such as this are usually cancel or paddle regardless - re-arranging for another weekend, particularly when this involves obtaining access permission, is often not an option

Well, we went ahead, paddled responsibly, and the youngsters enjoyed a great introduction to white water