Friday, August 26, 2011

Floating on Eire

It is said that the only way to tell the seasons apart in Ireland is by the temperature of the rain. And how true that proved. But the images here lie - they tell a story of sunshine, calm seas and settled highs. In reality, these were in short supply but who cares! We enjoyed our tour of the west, taking in Donegal, Mayo, Gallway, Kerry and Cork

Small Craft warnings invariable blasted out of the VHF every day and there was certainly no shortage of wind. But the fact that we were 'camper van kayaking' and not doing any multi-days meant that it was simple enough to load up the boats and find sheltered venues. Whatever the wind direction, the indented coastline of the West Coast, coupled with the skerries and islands always provide alternatives a short distance away. We managed to bike or boat almost every day and were rewarded with some stunning locations and great craic, all washed down, of course, with copious amounts of the other national drink.

A flavour of what Ireland has to offer  camper vanning sea kayakers
Seals, of course

Stunning 'wild camps' - this one in Donegal gave us over a week of paddling and biking on our door/camper step

Now - that has to beat finishing a days paddling in a bivvy :)

Beautiful deserted beaches

Calm sheltered waters

A little bit or Irish Caribbean

Chilly morning swims

Misty mountain biking

Long shadows

Plenty of history

Who says the sun doesn't shine in Ireland!