Thursday, June 23, 2011


I can't believe more than a year has passed since I posted anything on this much neglected blog. I guess a little 'catch-up' is called for - and it needs to take in the purchase of a new set of wheels. Swanky camper wheels to be clear - not some rusty under-powered old bay window combi (ahhh fond memories) but a pristine VW California with a bit of muscle and 4wd.

So, this past year has seen less time spent crawling into a bivvy bag and more snuggling under a duvet in the spacious double bed under the Cali 'pop top'. Must be an age thing but I really am quite enjoying the comfort of it all - so long as I can still crawl into that bivvy and anjoy a few sleepless nights of discomfort from time to time.

Anyway - the major plus is that my wife loves the camper too and even camper based sea kayaking. Some images from trips to Spain and Brittany
Spain and Camper Biking

And Brittany with boats added :)