Monday, September 10, 2012


 One of the highlights from a month spent kayaking and holidaying in Croatia has to be the paddle through the Zrmanja Gorges just outside Zadar
It proved to be simply stunning
Our start point was the beautiful town of Novigrad, a small fishing port.
From here, it is a short (4km) paddle across the ‘Novigrad Sea’ to the mouth of the Zrmanja river. Leaving at dawn almost guarantees you mirror calm waters
And the gorge, itself – well, the pictures tell it all

After the town of Obrovac the scenery quietens
We paddled on, finally reaching a waterfall – we camped by the old mill buildings here

A lazy end to the day, swimming below the falls and watching several ‘Dice Snakes’ that shared the waters with us
And arrived back at our campervan the following day, to enjoy another stunning Croatian sunset
There were loads of other ‘Croatian Highlights’, beautiful island camps, crystal clear waters, wonderful old towns, secret tunnels, magnificent forts etc. etc.
Wild camping on the islands did not prove a problem and, while we saw some hideously crowded campsites we managed to avoid these and found some great alternatives
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