Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We had waited many months for the conditions to be suitable for introducing a few very keen 'yoofs' to the joys of the Upper Dart. We wanted it just below the ledge with mild air temperatures. 15th February was perfect. A grand day out.
Above, Ben (16) exiting Euthanasia
Below Jacob (15) negotiating Boulder Rapid
And Jake (13) on Euthanasia

Never too young

Monday, February 02, 2009

A Sequence on the Lyn

1st February and the temperature never crawled above freezing. Levels on the East Lyn were low and the river chossy. This sequence follows Chas through some of the gnarl at the beginning of the gorge section.

To complete the sequence another paddler goes deep below the drop that Chas is pictured entering above
My numb fingers were struggling with the camera controls but we were off the river before the first flurries of snow arrived that heralded the approaching storm. We restored our circulation over the obligatory Devonshire Cream Teas that always round off a good day out on the Lyn.