Saturday, January 03, 2009

Seal at Christchurch

During the Christmas week, with the rivers of Dartmoor empty, I took my sea boat out a few times.

On New Years day I paddled from Mudeford up to the tidal limit of both the Stour and the Avon (to give me some much needed exercise and to clear a hangover!).

I was fortunate enough to have a close encounter with a seal just at the entrance to the Avon (SZ 162 922) – he popped up next to the sea kayak, gave me a few welcoming snorts and swam around and under the boat before departing. I was so suprised I forgot to get my camera out - but the above is fairly close

I don’t think I have ever seen seals in Christchurch Harbour before? (But, that could be a memory thing!).

Nice start to 2009 anyway!