Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another Moor Season

The Autumn of 2005 proved one of the best seasons for ages. I was on Dartmoor almost every Sunday for 3 months – it was shocking to find that, at this time of year, I visit Dartmoor far more often than Fordingbridge or Ringwood and I dread to think what it has cost me in petrol.

But then, in January, it all dried up

A "serious drought" may strike the South East, Environment Minister Elliot Morley has warned. England and Wales have had the driest January since 1997, with many areas getting less than a third of their average rainfall.
The Met Office said England and Wales had 33.2mm of rain throughout last month, making it the sixth driest on record.
We managed a last low run on the Upper mid-January, joined by Georgia and Chris D And then the Moors became seriously dry – and I began planning the summers Sea Kayaking trips!

Indeed – I had the Sea Kayak out of moth balls and on the Dorset Coast early February when, ordinarily, the moors should be stonking