Thursday, April 17, 1997

Baboon Hunt at Tabaan

I had been working with a UNICEF Hand-Pump crew for a week or so, travelling around Southern Sudan in an old Bedford Truck

The Chief and Elders at the village of Tabaan suggested we might all enjoy a ‘Bush Roast’ to celebrate the new hand-pump that we had installed. Consequently, I joined a small hunting party armed with nets and spears. We spent all night and caught one baboon (well, I didn’t, they wouldn’t trust me to do anything but watch)

The following morning, They set up a rush screen in the village ‘green’ to shield a shallow bowl of water to allow me to wash. With the privacy of the screen, I stripped off for a full (and much needed) body wash – unfortunately, I slipped on the soap, crashed through the screen, and, to the delight of the entire village that had gathered to watch, lay sprawled naked (and very white).

I won’t forget Tabaan!

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